img_8015Through Jesus, who was both fully God and fully human, we can know what God is like and enjoy a relationship with him. Jesus Christ came to bring us God’s unfailing love and forgiveness and to reveal God’s faithfulness to us. God’s forgiving grace says, “I forgive you for your wrongs; I love and accept you freely for the person you are.” His faithfulness says, “I will follow through on all I have promised.”LRB

It is in the thousand everyday moments where you and I receive grace upon grace, one blessing after another. It is in the mundane of doing everyday life where in each moment whether alone or with others around, you and I choose to allow the work of Christ in us to reveal and form our character, who we love; who we serve, worship and praise. Today if you believe in Christ, you are loved and accepted, you are forgiven, you are under His faithfulness. You and I have everything we need (2 Pet. 1:3-11) to live in and through God’s grace…moment by moment…grace upon grace. Think on it!

What keeps you from following Jesus?


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