Dawn Harkins is an AACC Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified MH First Aider, lay counselor, teacher, speaker, mentor.   Her passion is to guide people of all ages in finding their identity and purpose.  In 1990’s she founded Intimacy Matters Ministry, a local ministry devoted to the instruction of women and couples that maximizes their communication, both verbally and physically in their marriages. An additional focus of the ministry is to give women the tools to sync their spiritual life with their intimate life before and after marriage. Dawn first taught women’s Bible Studies at her church on the Main Line outside Philadelphia and progressed to multi-church classes in her previous office in West Chester. Dawn specializes in anxiety management, abuse, addiction, anger, depression, abandonment, relational changes, career changes, suffering and grief.  Her mission is to equip people with the tools needed to unveil their true identity in Christ, through their unique story.  Dawn is an experienced public speaker and has given seminars to various women’s groups on the topics of intimacy and marriage.  Dawn also coached and coordinated a study for a group of top level male executives to assist them in developing their skills, talents, and gifts in an ever changing world. The curriculum focused on what it would look like to lead and to replicate servant leadership to those under them in the millennial culture.

In her spare time over the years, Dawn has enjoyed coaching a girls tennis team at a private Christian high school in suburban Philadelphia. Her focus wasn’t only to train these athletes to compete at a high level on the court (many advancing to collegiate careers), but more importantly, help them attain a spiritual level of success and purpose as it relates to their relationship with God.  Her coaching philosophy was/is based on two principles. The first is to teach team building centered on Christian principles. The second is setting time aside for “One on one” coaching. This coaching encourages them to maximize their potential in all facets of life based on their God given gifts, talents and abilities that are unique to them alone.

Dawn is a graduate of The Shipley School, Villanova University and Light University.  She is certified in Precepts, studied with Tommy Nelson Ministry, Mending the Soul Ministry, Peacemaker Principles, How People Change material, and has attended CCEF Conferences and programs in furthering education, and has attended numerous Bible Leader and training conferences.  Dawn is married to her best friend, and love of her life, Brian, and they have three boys, two dogs and reside in West Chester, PA.

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